PTI vows to fight Punjab govt’s attempt to limit media freedom


ISLAMABAD, MAY 20 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) criticized the Punjab government for trying to limit media freedom with a new defamation law. PTI promised to strongly oppose this move, which they see as a violation of citizens’ constitutional rights to free speech and press.

A PTI spokesperson condemned the government’s actions, calling them an organized attack on basic constitutional rights. The spokesperson said PTI will not accept any unconstitutional laws or actions anywhere in the country and will fight against them.

The spokesperson accused the government of being controlled by political figures without public support, who are helping unconstitutional state elements push their agenda in exchange for their positions in the assemblies.

The PTI spokesperson warned that Pakistan is becoming a lawless state where basic rights are being taken away. The media, social media, and journalists are facing severe government repression and restrictions.

PTI promised to resist any attempts to silence the public and media. They called on groups supporting freedom of expression and press to join in opposing the government’s actions.

The PTI spokesperson made it clear that the party will fight any government efforts to suppress public voices on all fronts.