PTI worker thrashed for asking pungent question from Imran Khan


RAWALPINDI, JUN 15 (DNA) — Asking former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan a question during a function organised under the auspices of the party’s Labour Wing in Rawalpindi proved costly for a party worker as those around him first frowned at him, then tried to silence him and later took him out of the sight of Imran and thrashed him.

Nasif Guru’s only crime was that he had asked the PTI chairman as to why he was surrounded by sycophants rather than party’s ideologues. Enraged at his audacity, those standing around Imran first tried to cut him short.

And despite the fact that Imran asked them to let him ask the question, they took him out of the hall and punched him and kicked him.

Not only that PTI Rawalpindi chapter even issued a show-cause notice to Guru late Tuesday night, in which he had been asked to explain the reason of his conduct during the ceremony within three days.

The questioner belongs to former interior minister and PTI chairman’s staunch supporter Sheikh Rasheed’s constituency. =DNA