Public health ministry marks global handwashing day

Public health ministry marks global handwashing day

KABUL, JUN 3: The Ministry of Public Health, in a ceremony marking Global Handwashing Day, said that handwashing plays a key role in reducing illness and mortality.

The Deputy Minister for Health Services Delivery added that handwashing prevents 24% of diarrheal diseases and malnutrition.

Abdul Wali Haqqani, Deputy Minister of Public Health, said: “Unfortunately, our compatriots’ awareness about reducing diseases is low, and the health work teams must pay serious attention to this issue.”

Ahmad Sayer Pason, head of therapeutic medicine at the Ministry of Public Health, said: “Handwashing is not just about keeping clean but staying healthy. The purpose of commemorating Global Handwashing Day is to promote handwashing with soap.”

Also, a representative of the World Health Organization assured the ministry of the organization’s cooperation and said the collaboration of other responsible institutions is beneficial for promoting this culture.

Jar Ahmad Ziyar, the representative of the World Health Organization, said: “This issue should be shared with the Ministry of Education and incorporated into the school system. Even a system should be created for it. Mothers should also tell their children to wash their hands with clean water and soap after going to the bathroom.”

Although Global Handwashing Day is celebrated on May 5th, the Ministry of Public Health has now commemorated this day.

This day is celebrated annually to raise awareness about the importance of handwashing around the world.