Punjab Food Authority destroyed 2300 kg of non-standard, spurious ghee



ATTOCK ( APRIL-19) Punjab Food Authority Attock on Wednesday have destroyed 2300 kg of non-standard and spurious ghee worth Rs1.2 million during their crack down in Tehsil Fateh Jang . The

Food safety teams under the supervision of Director Operation North Punjab Food Authority  Mrs. Amina Rafiq and Deputy Director Mehtab Khan have recovered 2300 kg of non-standard and fake ghee worth Rs1.2 million by conducting operations in Tehsil Fateh Jang which were destroyed on the spot Wednesday.The spokesman of Punjab Food Authority Attock Mr. Haris Butt while sharing the details with the media  has told that substandard  ghee was found to be mixed with used ghee and harmful ingredients, which also lacked vitamin A and other essential ingredients.He said that the action has been taken when the samples sent to the food lab showed poor results.Punjab Food Authority said that consumption of substandard ghee leads to dangerous diseases like cholesterol and blood pressure, PFA Attock added.