Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) stops private lab from conducting serological tests for COVID-19



LAHORE, Jul 01 :The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) has immediately stopped a private laboratory (Chughtai Lab) from conducting serological tests for COVID-19 on violating directions.

According to the PHC spokesperson on Wednesday, the PHC inspected the laboratory twice in the last week of the previous month and found the laboratory conducting serological tests of the COVID-19 patients without the prescriptions of any consultants.The PHC warned the LAB authorities, but the Lab continued its practice and ignored the clear instructions of the PHC, on which the PHC immediately stopped the lab to conduct serological tests and ordered to present before the PHC for clarification.

It is pertinent to mention here that the PHC had issued clear instructions to all laboratories of the province to conduct serological (Elisa) tests only on the provision of consultant’s prescription and to keep record of the patients which would be provided on demand by the commission.