Quetta residents complain of overbilling by SSGC


QUETTA, JULY 07 (DNA) – The residents of Quetta gathered outside the office of the Sui Southern Gas Company complaining of overbilling by the company during the month of June

They complained that the company did not send them bills in June and now when they have, the charges on the bills have sky-rocketed. They said that the bills they are getting for their houses are not justified and very high.

“The company workers say that they will remove our gas meters,” a resident said. “Why are they removing the meters when they didn’t even provide us with gas,” he added. Another man complained that he paid a Rs5,000 installment of his Rs35,000 bill.

The company still sent him a bill of Rs34,000 this month. The SSGC, on the other hand, said that due to the coronavirus their offices were closed which is why complaints were being delayed. =DNA