Rain alert issued in Pakistan amid deadly heatwave

Rain alert issued in Pakistan amid deadly heatwave

ISLAMABAD, MAY 27: The Meteorological Department has predicted rain in various parts of the country, starting from May 27, which is expected to bring down the mercury levels and provide a much-needed respite from the severe heat wave.

According to the Met Department, rain is expected in upper areas, including Zhob, Barkhan, and Balochistan from May 27 to 29, while Chitral, Dir, Peshawar, and other districts can expect rain from May 28 to June 1.

Even cities like Murree, Galyat, and Rawalpindi are likely to receive some showers, bringing down the temperature and providing a welcome break from the heat.

Moreover, the Met Department has also predicted thunderstorms in Karachi, Thatta, Badin, and Hyderabad in May, which will not only bring relief from the heat but also provide some much-needed water for the parched cities.

However, the Met Department has warned that the severe heat wave is likely to continue in upper regions from May 28, with temperatures expected to soar 6 to 8 degrees higher in central and southern regions of the country.

This could potentially disrupt daily routines and pose a challenge for people, especially the vulnerable segments of society.