Ramadan 2024: First fast ‘likely’ on March 12

Ramadan 2024: First fast 'likely' on March 12

ISLAMABAD, MAR 3: With the country preparing for the upcoming month of Ramadan, which is less than two weeks away, it is likely that the holy month will commence on March 12.

As per weather expert Jawad Memon, though the moon for the month of Ramadan will be born on March 10, it will not be visible at the time and can only be seen via the naked eye by March 11.

“First taraweeh will be observed on the night of March 11 [whereas] its 95% probable that the first fast will be on March 12,” Memon said.

As per tradition, the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee would convene in Islamabad — with zonal committees meeting in their respective domains — to receive and assess moon sighting reports and announce the sighting of the moon.

The holy month, which is observed with religious fervour and zeal, will see millions of Pakistanis along with billions of Muslims around the world observing fast from dawn till sunset with the fasting hours falling between 12 to 17 hours — depending on the geographical locations across the globe.

Like many other countries, Ramadan, in Pakistan, is marked by increased charity and public food drives with the people establishing roadside stalls for people returning to their homes in the evening.

The month, usually, also witnesses increased business activities due to religious festivities as well as shopping trends in the run-up to Eid ul Fitr.