Ramadan 2024 moon will be born at 2pm on Sunday: PMD

Ramadan 2024 moon will be born at 2pm on Sunday: PMD

ISLAMABAD, MAR 9: The Pakistan Meteorological Department has predicted that the Ramadan moon will be born at 2pm on March 10 (Sunday).

At the time of sighting the moon the next day on March 11, its age will be more than 28 hours, as per the Met Office.

PMD added that the age of the moon, therefore, strengthens the chances of its sighting on Monday.

As per tradition, the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee would convene in Islamabad — with zonal committees meeting in their respective domains — to receive and assess moon sighting reports and announce the sighting of the moon.

The holy month, which is observed with religious fervour and zeal, will see millions of Pakistanis along with billions of Muslims around the world observing fast from dawn till sunset with the fasting hours falling between 12 to 17 hours — depending on the geographical locations across the globe.

The weather will remain cloudy in the central and upper parts of the country’s southernmost province, Sindh, on March 11 because it will remain under the influence of the western wave, PMD stated.

The atmosphere will be clear in the southeastern part of the province, while Balochistan is expected to remain cloudy.

The weather will remain cloudy in the upper regions of the country under the influence of the western wave. Therefore, it will not be very favourable for the sighting of the moon, the Met Office added.

Karachi weather to remain partly cloudy
Sharing its predictions regarding the weather in Karachi today, the PMD said that the port city will likely remain partly cloudy both today and tomorrow.

Meanwhile, westerly winds are likely to enter Balochistan today, while thunderstorms are likely in the province from Saturday evening to March 10, the Met Office said.

Rainfall in Turbat, Kech, Jeoni, Ormara, Pasni, Lasbela, Awaran, Kalat and other areas are also expected, according to PMD.

The Met Office also predicted a chance of rain in Jamshoro, Dadu, Larkana and Qamber Shahdadkot in a few days.