Ramadan moon sighted in Pakistan, first Roza on Tuesday

Ramadan moon sighted in Pakistan

The Ramadan moon has been sighted in Pakistan and the first Roza will be observed across the country tomorrow (Tuesday), the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee announced on Monday evening.

Moon sighting committee chairman Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad made the official announcement following a meeting in Peshawar.

The clerics from all schools of thought attended the huddle to ascertain the beginning of the ninth Islamic month.

The Ramadan moon was sighted in Lahore and Peshawar before the official announcement, according to Geo News.

— Screengrab/GeoNews
— Screengrab/GeoNews
Ramadan has already begun in several parts of the world, including the Middle East, Europe and other regions and as per astronomical parameters there are high chances that the moon will be sighted in Pakistan today as well.

The moon sighting body had requested all the Pakistanis for assistance in this regard with wishes that the holy month begins across the country on the same day.

Meanwhile, meetings of other zonal and district Ruet-e-Hilal committees were held simultaneously at their respective places on Shaban 29 after Asr prayers, for the Ramadan moon sighting of Hijri year 1445.

The holy month, which is observed with religious fervour and zeal, will see millions of Pakistanis along with billions of Muslims around the world observing fast from dawn till sunset with the fasting hours falling between 12 to 17 hours — depending on the geographical locations across the globe.

Like many other countries, Ramadan, in Pakistan, is marked by increased charity and public food drives with the people establishing roadside stalls for people returning to their homes in the evening.