Rana Sanaullah offers new proposal of national dialogue with PTI to end crises


ISLAMABAD, May 9 (APP):Adviser to the Prime Minister on Political and Public Affairs, Rana Sanaullah Khan Thursday offered new proposal of national dialogue with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to end current crises and stressed opposition to play a responsible role for the country development.
Talking to a private news channel, he said that all the political parties were respectable for us and Pakistan could not afford any political tension, adding, all political parties have to play their key role to end political instability so that the country can move towards economic improvement.
He also expressed his firm stance against the miscreants who crossed the red line on May 9, adding, it was an unforgivable crime and an attack on the state.
He reiterated that no guilty person would be spared, and the government would take strict action against the culprits accordance to the law.
Sanaullah emphasized the need to ensure that such incidents would not occur in future and the government will enforce robust measures against those who dare to challenge the state.
He also called Imran Khan a dishonest and disloyal person, who made the armed forces a party in his struggle for power.
He held PTI responsible for May 9 incident and advised that its leadership should accept their crime and say sorry.
“We would take every miscreant involved in these incidents to the logical end,” he added.