RCB collects Rs.1.25 bn property tax

RAWALPINDI, Jul 10 (DNA):After a continued tax collection campaign for FY2023-24, the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) has succeeded in collecting Rs.1.25 billion in lieu of property tax.

The amount reflects nearing 90% of the targeted revenue set by the board.

Talking to APP here on Tuesday, the Additional CEO Umair Mahmboob informed that the current property tax revenue (Rs.1.25bn) was Rs.160 million more than that of the previous fiscal year.
“We motivated the property owners and also adopted strict policy in this regard that has resulted in maximized amount collection,” he said.

He informed that residents and the business community had generously responded to RCB’s 10% rebate offer which ended on 30th June, 2024.

To miscellaneous questions, he said RCB was engaged in dealing with multiple challenges having limited resources. Even having higher fixed expenditure, the board was able to manage the financial crunch it is facing, he said.

Umair Mehboob expressed his satisfaction over the recent tax collection drive and said that further efforts would be made to enhance revenue collection during next fiscal year.