RCCI hosts grand luncheon for OIC ombudsman association and ambassadors

RCCI hosts grand luncheon for OIC ombudsman association and ambassadors


ISLAMABAD, JAN 31: The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) hosted the lunch in the honor of OIC Ombudsman Association and Ambassadors at a local hotel in Islamabad.

RCCI President Saqib Rafiq along with Group Leader and Chief Business Advisor FTO Sohail Altaf gave a warm reception to the visiting delegation.

Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah, President Seref Malkov of the OIC Ombudsman Association along with representatives from OIC nations, Ambassadors including  H.E. Mehmet Paçacı (Turkiye), H.E. Mohamed Karmoune (Morocco), H. E. Khazar Farhadov (Azerbaijan), H.E. Dr Ihab Mohamed Abdelhamid Hassan (Egypt) Defense Attaché Egypt. Muhammad Saad, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Fauzia Viqar (FOSPAH), FTO Advisors, among others, graced the event.

Vice President RCCI Mr. Faisal Shahzad, Former Presidents, EC members, representatives from the trade associations, Mr. Tariq Jadoon, President of the Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industry Rawalpindi, Women members and distinguished RCCI members were also present on the occasion.

President Seref Malkov of the OIC Ombudsman Association paid gratitude for the warm hospitality and added that Pakistan is an important member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Ombudsman Association (OICOA) and can work proactively by expanding its mandate from addressing the issues of bad governance to taking up human rights violations, corruption etc and also for international peace and reconciliation.

He also expressed the association’s commitment to expanding its membership and collectively combating human rights violations prevalent across Muslim countries.

RCCI President Saqib Rafiq in his welcome remarks appreciated the role of OIC Ombudsman Association for enhancing capacity and providing member countries with a platform to exchange ideas for better governance.

Group Leader Sohail Altaf thanked the visiting delegation and remarked that it was an honor for us for hosting OIC Ombudsman members.

In his speech, FTO Asif Jah said that I am grateful to Saqib Rafiq, President of Rawalpindi Chamber and Group Leader Sohail Altaf, who made the best arrangements for the OIC delegation.

On this occasion, Chief Business Advisor FTO, Sohail Altaf also presented a resolution to condemn Israeli brutality and atrocities, which was supported by the participants by raising their hands.