Real estate sector is the backbone of economy: Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari


ISLAMABAD, JUN 16 /DNA/ – President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari has said that the real estate sector is the backbone of the Pakistani economy, the last two decades the construction sector has contributed to economic recovery, employment and investment. Islamabad State Agents Association is one of the prominent organizations of the business community, IEAA and Islamabad Chamber have solved the problems through exemplary coordination. The current body of the Chamber is taking historic steps to serve the business community and address issues.

Vice President Chamber Engineer Azhar ul Islam, President Islamabad State Agents Association Sardar Tahir Mehmood, Former President FPCCI Zubair Malik, Secretary General UBG  Zafar Bakhtawari, Zahid Rafiq, Abid Khan, Ijaz Abbasi, Tahir Abbasi, Mian Maqbool and others attended the ceremony. Also addressed.

President Islamabad Chamber said that the current body of IEAA has done a great job in solving the problems in collaboration with the Islamabad Chamber. The unity of the present leadership and members is ideal, we need this unity to solve the problems, and Islamabad Chamber has taken many historic steps in the last 8 months, including representation of the Chamber in CDA Board, construction of Expo Center, FM Radio, School, Hospital and Multipurpose Ground. We are trying to complete all these projects as soon as possible. The Expo Center is a long-standing project of the Islamabad Chamber. In a few days, an agreement will be concluded with Gulberg Green. The role of the Islamabad State Agents Association will be very important for the construction of all these projects. IEAA is fully represented in the Executive Board of the Islamabad Chamber, I hope this series of cooperation will continue.

Speaking on this occasion, President Islamabad State Agents Association Sardar Tahir Mehmood said that I am thankful to President Islamabad Chamber and his entire team for the honour. Our organization is the second largest organization of the business community in the city after the Islamabad Chamber, but the importance of the Chamber cannot be denied in any way. Islamabad Chamber has always played the role of a big brother, all previous presidents including the current president have provided us with full guidance in every issue. He said that the facilities provided in the current budget regarding the real estate sector have been made possible by the joint efforts of the Chamber and their organization. Real estate is the most important sector of the economy providing more than 7% of total employment, more than 72 industries are connected with this sector. I especially thank the President Chamber for playing a role in expanding the package in the budget for the construction sector.

Speaking on the occasion, former President FPCI Zubair Malik said that I am happy that there is exemplary cooperation between the present body and members of IEAA. Islamabad Chamber is the identity of all of us, this institution gave us all national and global recognition including me, and we all need to promote positive politics together. Secretary General UBG Zafar Bakhtawari said that the current officials of the organization are trying to make the identity and image of the Islamabad Chamber ideal for the whole country.  And for this, the unity of the entire business community of Islamabad is necessary. An honest businessman will be a role model only then the society will move in a positive direction.

Secretary IEAA Chaudhry Zahid Rafiq said that Islamabad Chamber has always patronized us, and we have never been disappointed in whatever problem we brought here. Abid Khan said that Islamabad Chamber is the home of every businessman of the city, everyone has always been respected here, politics has its place but we should work together to promote ethics and values. He said that the election is held once a year after which everyone should work together for the welfare of the chamber and their respective organizations. Tahir Abbasi said that the present body of IEAA has increased its respect on the basis of performance. That is why the trust of the members of the present president and the body is exemplary. Mian Maqbool said that the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce has shown excellent performance under the leadership of the current President Ahsan Bakhtawari. The young leadership of the chamber is very active and working day and night to solve the problems. On this occasion, Vice President Engineer Azhar Islam thanked the President of Islamabad State Agents Association Sardar Tahir Mehmood, General Secretary Chaudhry Zahid Rafiq for coming to the chamber, he said that this relationship of trust and cooperation between the two organizations will last forever.