Reopening doors of politics, plunder for Panama Sharif under ‘London Plan’ deplorable: PTI



ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Spokesperson categorically stated that all attempts were being made to reopen the doors of politics and loot and plunder for the national criminal Panama Sharif under the infamous “London Plan” but the people of the country were adamant to stamp this criminal with lifelong disqualification through their power of votes on February 8, 2024.

Reacting to the issue of minimizing the period of disqualification of Jati umra’s fugitive under the London plan, he said that those who converted Panama Sharif’s ineligibility into eligibility should verily become his election agents, but they should present the real owners of Avenfield properties and the sources of money used for their purchase before the nation.

PTI spokesperson said that the lawlessness and mayhem had been created in the country aimed at expelling PTI from politics through state coercion and operation, which hurt the constitution and its spirit the most.

He contended that most parts of the constitution had been held in abeyance under a notorious “London Plan” whereas some of its part was being tampered with legislations and the court’s decisions.

PTI Spokesperson pointed out that the constitution and the accountability system were being compromised to open the doors of power and politics for the country’s biggest criminal and fugitive in order to start new series of loot and plunder in the country.

He highlighted that the person who had yet to present any proof regarding his London properties since April 2016 to date and could not submit even a receipt in support of his claims, the entire constitutional scheme was distorted to give him another NRO.

PTI Spokesperson lamented that legalizing this criminal’s attacks on the courts and the shameful acts of conspiracy and violence against the judges through engineered justice was despicable.

PTI Spokesperson alarmed that the support and endorsement of the “Doctrine of Ladla” by the courts under the influence of the nefarious spirit of “Doctrine of Necessity” would further dent political and government system in Pakistan.

He made it clear that the nation was determined to stamp this criminal with lifelong disqualification through their power of votes despite bringing him back to the country under state shelter.

PTI Spokesperson vowed that the nation would not accept him even if his backers fought elections alongside with the fugitive.

He reiterated that February 8 was the day of accountability, as the people would put a permanent stop on the ongoing dark cycle of lawlessness, pampering and auctioning of justice in the country.

PTI Spokesperson vowed that 12.5 million Pakistanis would take revenge with their power of votes for every disgusting action taken against the country’s values and future with constitution and democracy.