Resolvingthe Kashmir Dispute; a key to regional Peace and Stability


By Muhammad Akhter Aslam

Kashmir issue is, now, talk of the global politics and bone of contention at international level. As this is Seventy-three historic conflict between two nuclear-arm countries; hence, its costs are expected far beyond the borders. Putting deaf ears over this issue is signal of peace demoting on the other hand, supporting Indian hegemonic steps will never constrain Pakistan to compromise on its minimum credible deterrence. Kashmiris’ have all the cultural, geographic and religious explanations that connect them with Pakistan. Therefore,itis matter of fact; Peace and stability in the region is directly connected to the final settlement of Kashmir dispute in the light of United Nations Security Council resolutions.

Kashmir is an internationally accepted dispute and India cannot change its status unilaterally so, political ethics and international commitments should come forward to impress upon India to withdraw its unconstitutional decision of 5th August 2019, and restore the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. India trampled all international norms and values on the very that day.This decision by India aims at changing the demography of Jammu and Kashmir, in that case international community should play its role as the right of self-determination is the basic and fundamental right of every human being and ensure that this right is exercised by everyone without any fear and intimidation. Furthermore, the right to self-determination acknowledged by India itself. Thus, India also has the responsibility to ensure that people of Jammu and Kashmir decide their future by exercising their free will so that the peace and stability of the region is guaranteed.

Indian illegal intervention and stubborn policy is the main cause of unresolved dispute.While, Pakistan wants to give Kashmiris’ their right to self-determination to decide their political future by themselves; and India, as habitual, simply putting blind eye over Kashmir issue. However, to resolve the issue, United Nations recommended for plebiscite in Kashmir but; India, knowing the results, turned away by giving unnecessary excuses.On the other hand recent days, 240th Corps Commanders’ Conference reiterates complete solidarity with Kashmiri brethren in their struggle for right to self-determination.

Recently,Indo-Pak ceasefire agreement has resumed a hope that the both rivals will buildup trust relation and by implementation of the soul of agreement, both countries would resolve the Kashmir issue through UN resolutions and the desires of the Kashmiri people. But; Presently, Fascist Modi regime continue to imposing harsh restrictions on the people of  IIOJK, and the unwarranted restraints on the rights to free speech, free media and persistent crackdown on people have rather intensified in Jammu and Kashmir.

In recent times, Indian troops martyr many Kashmiri youth. Indian illegally occupied military forces continued bloodshed, cordon and search operations, night raids and arrests in nook and corner of the Valley. In BJP regime so far 143 Custodial killing, 4370 Arson, 304 Children orphaned, 1107 women disgraced/molested as reported KMS.

On the other hand, it is well-known to everyone that in modern era, social media is grasping as the source of quick news. The Social media giant twitter is removing accounts that criticize India’s human rights abuses in IIOJK. “Twitter silencing pro-Kashmir Accounts and suspending Pakistaniaccounts’ without reason. While, organized Indian accounts and groups are openly harassing, abusing and trolling, Kashmiris using bots.” Despite having all these obstacles Pakistan, being Islamic state, will never leave Kashmir into ditch of unjust.

It is, hence, finalized thatfascist Modi government has taken unconstitutional actions that violate secular nature of Indian constitution. Current government of India promotes Hindutva and materializes religious amendments in their constitution which is, even, unacceptable to Indian minorities. Despite all this, Pakistan represents clear agenda favorable to Kashmiris. International institutions should have a duty to resolve this conflict and put serious actions against Indian immoral, inhuman and unjust activities.  Global players should be aware from the reality that Peace and stability in the region is directly connected to the final settlement of Kashmir dispute.