Restaurants offering special “Sehri deals”gaining momentum during Ramazan


            ISLAMABAD,:During the holy month of Ramazan, local restaurants is offering special ‘Sehri deals’ to attract the customers, as the trend of arranging ‘sehri’ meals for friends and family is getting momentum.

            According to traditional food spots of Islamabad and Rawalpindi claimed that they are offering special Sehri packages especially for the families as after coronavirus restriction they have permission to use their halls and serve customers.

            The tradition of eating out on ‘Sehri’ is popular among the people where foodies were witnessing in large to enjoy desi delights like ‘makhni cholay’, ‘nihari’, ‘sri-paya’ and ‘paratha’, said a customer while speaking to a private news channel.

            Everyone is busy in their life and can not get enough time to prepare Sehri at mid night so, many restaurants are offering  special sehri buffet to make our Ramadan more special, said a lady customer.

            A number of hotel and restaurants become lively during Ramzan as the trend is getting momentum, said another customer, adding, mostly youngsters are seen to be flocked in restaurant and hotel to enjoy the Ramazan meals.

            The trend of ‘Sehri’ arranging outdoor with the passage of time has increased all across the country including Capital city as discount deals attracting toward customers, said a visitor.

   To make Sehri memorable, some exciting and tempting deals for Ramazan are available in various food points in the country, said a citizen.

            Sehr dine-outs with a fancy huge menu have become a trend over recent years, said another women.

            We are trying our best to deliver standard food in Sehri, said a worker from a famous food outlet, adding, we are offering these deals through social media platforms and we are very careful to keep the food hygienic.

            Khujla-Pheni is also well-known item of Ramazan and it is one of the most popular items sold in the month of Ramzan all over Pakistan, said a shopkeeper.

            The trend to have Iftaris at restaurants with friends and family has been in vogue for many years, and in recent times, the innovative Sehri meals at restaurants have also become a regular feature of Ramazan, said a citizen.