Retired teachers of ICT schools struggle for their pending dues


ISLAMABAD, MAY 14 (DNA) — Retired teachers from various colleges of Islamabad under the ambit of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) find themselves caught in a distressing situation as they face difficulties in obtaining their pending dues, including the grant of traveling allowance (TA) on retirement and house rental ceiling.

Despite years of selfless service to the federal department and the nation, these educators have been left disappointed and disheartened by the callous attitude displayed by the authorities.

Inam Ellahi, a retired Associate Professor of Islamabad Model Postgraduate College H-8, who served for about 30 years in different ICT colleges, while sharing his concerns told media, “I retired in August 2022, and it’s now May 2023, but my pending grant of TA has not been cleared by the FDE.

Additionally, my rental ceiling remains unpaid for a year. It would have been a fitting gesture if retired teachers were given their dues before retirement, but unfortunately, nobody seems to care.”Professor Azhar Ali Abbasi who got retirement in August 2022 expressed similar sentiments, revealing that he had also been denied his rental ceiling.

Dr Mehboobullah, retired from Islamabad Model College for Boys H-9 seven months ago, expressed his worry over his weak financial position, stating, “Despite paying a monthly rent of Rs 75,000 from my pocket, the department has not contributed its share of rental ceiling for over a year. This has put me under immense financial strain as I continue to reside in a rented house at Sector I-10/2.”

Professor Iftikhar Ahmed, who was retired from Islamabad Model Postgraduate College of Commerce H-8/4, shared a similar complaint regarding the non-payment of his rental ceiling for 19 months.

A retired female associate professor said that teachers were considered the builders of the nation, yet when it comes to rewarding their dedication, the FDE displayed a callous attitude, which was deeply disappointing. The retired teachers deserve timely and fair compensation for their services. By neglecting their pending dues, the FDE not only undermines the value of their services but also perpetuates financial distress among retired teachers.

She urged the Education Minister to intervene and address their issues. She believed that it was the responsibility of the ministry to ensure that retired teachers receive their entitled benefits in a timely manner, considering their invaluable contribution to the education system and the nation as a whole.

When contacted, official sources of FDE informed APP that the Directorate is facing acute shortage under house ceiling which was about Rs. 2.5 billions. To clear the said liability, the FDE has submitted a request to the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, while the Education Ministry has submitted a summary to the Finance Division in that regard. As and when Finance Division approved the summary, the liabilities will be paid, accordingly, he added. — DNA