Rich tribute paid to globally recognized late psychiatrist



ISLAMABAD, AUG 17 – Hundreds of his students, colleagues, friends, family members and followers from different countries joined the online condolence reference in the loving memory of Professor Dr Hussain Mubashir Malik, Pakistan’s globally recognized psychiatrist and former vice chancellor University of Health Sciences Punjab, and former principal Rawalpindi Medical College. He died last Monday August 10.

The online condolence reference was organized by Development Communications Network (Devcom-Pakistan) and DTNTV on Monday. Moderated by well-known TV actor and anchor Syed Noor ul Hassan, the event was hosted by Devcom-Pakistan director Munir Ahmed.

Main speakers included famous sufi singer Abida Parveen, Brig  Dr Mowaddat Hussain Rana, Dr Salman Karim, Ersin Faikzade from Turkey, Dr Ms Saima Farid, Dr Syed Tauqir Shah, Dr Muhammad Imtiaz Mubbashar and several others.

Abida Parveen said Dr. Hussain Mubashir Malik was a spiritual soul and an extraordinary human being, a very caring father and a humane professional. His multifaceted personality would be a source of inspiration for others forever.

His colleague and friend, Najam Asar said: he was a professional par excellence in his profession and termed as a giant in the arena of international psychiatry. He led an extraordinary professional life.

Brig Rana Mowadat Hussain mentioned that Prof Mubashar was an energetic man, and achieved great recognition for Pakistan. He made mental health recognized in Pakistan. It was his efforts that the psychiatry departments were established in many of the hospitals.

Dr Salman Karim, expert psychiatrist from Manchester, said Prof Dr Malik Hussain Mubasher was a psychiatrist of global recognition and world ranking educationist. Having served as founding VC of the University of Health Sciences Punjab. He played a key role in raising the standards of medical education in Punjab in particular and Pakistan in general. He brought the private medical colleges under the regulatory domain of UHS.

Dr Tauqir Shah said at this time more than 80 per cent psychiatrists in Pakistan are his students. He is known to have upheld merit throughout his career. He also served as principal of Rawalpindi Medical College (RMC) where he set the high standards of education and to make the college known as one of the best.

Prof Mubashar wrote his autobiography titled “Meem Bashar” that tells the story of integrity and honesty of a person even in the hard times, said Noor ul Hassan. He was a devout follower of sufi school of thought, and preached the same throughout his life.

Dr Shiraz Butt speaking from Chicago said, “Hussain Mubashar’s professional and spiritual impact was global.

His daughters and sons were all praised for his life devoted to work, family and humanity. He was kind to all even not known to him. As a father, he encouraged and supported every child with individual attention and care. But, never encouraged for any undue position and favour. Merit was the only criteria for him. He was blunt enough to refuse to give undue favours even to powerful authorities.

His friend and colleague Nusrat Hussain said: Dr Mubashir was the one who introduced merit systems for the admissions in the private medical colleges.