Role of media significant for deeper Pak-China cooperation – Chinese Consul General

Role of media significant for deeper Pak-China cooperation - Chinese Consul General

APNS building bridges between media outlets of both countries

KARACHI, JUN 3 /DNA/ – Not many Pakistanis have visited China to this day, but we are working and remain hopeful to create more opportunities so our friends from Pakistan can visit China said Yang Yundong Consul General of the People’s Republic of China. He was hosting office bearers of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society at the Consulate.

”Today we are happy to host you all friends at the Consulate for an authentic Chinese dinner, and my heartiest greetings to Mr. Sarmad Ali on becoming Senator. We would like Pakistanis to visit China but unfortunately not many Pakistanis have visited China, he stated. We acknowledge Pakistan’s support to China in all forums. It is because of the significance of our friendship. China is developing very fast, and the change is many a times a pleasant surprise for even Chinese working abroad when they travel back home” said CG Yang He further added that our focus must be on more exchanges between the media outlets of both countries and APNS can play a role in bringing them together.

The Second Phase of CPEC is more important and will focus on agriculture, industrial cooperation and trade for increasing exports from Pakistan and benefiting the lives of people at grassroot level.

The delegation of APNS was led by its Secretary General, Senator Sarmad Ali. While expressing his views, Mr Sarmad said that Pakistan is expecting to see investment in agriculture, mining, hospitality & tourism as well as other sectors from China.

”Gwadar needs to be developed as a model urban town and the new airport will provide more opportunities in increasing connectivity. Proper real estate development along with hotels is also needed in Gwadar. Chinese media outlets have their offices in Islamabad including ‘People’s Daily’, ‘Xinhua News Agency’, Guangming Daily.

Mr. Sarmad Ali said, China has been a true friend in need for Pakistan. ”Chinese people have a special place for Pakistan in their heart and they call us Iron Brother ‘Batie’. “During my visits to China I have seen even the common people refer to Pakistanis as their Iron brothers. As China is now the biggest manufacturer of EV vehicles, it is progressing rapidly in cutting edge technology. We hope that China’s advancement in EV technology will benefit Pakistan as well. The second phase of CPEC will play a pivotal role in furthering Pakistan’s exports and trade.

The dinner was also attended by Deputy Consul General Mr. Zhang Hao, APNS Finance Secretary Mr. Shahab Zuberi, Kazi Asad Abid, Mr. Javed Mehr Shamsi, Mr.Younus Mehar, Mr. Athar Kazi, Kazi Sajjad Abassi, and Mr. Bilal Farooqui. Also Zahid H. Karani, Mustafa Karani, Yousuf Karani, and officials from the Consulate were present.

The APNS delegation thanked Mr. Yang Yundong and his colleagues for their hospitality and a love filled authentic Chinese cuisine.