Roof Reconstruction of Herat’s Great Mosque Completed After Nearly 11 Years


The whole roof structure of this historical monument was constructed by the monument engineers.

The Herat Great Mosque’s roof reconstruction process has been completed after nearly eleven years. The whole roof structure of this historical monument was constructed by the monument engineers.

This project has been financially supported by several international organizations and individuals.

“The roof tile-covering process for the Herat Jami Mosque, the sixth historical-religious structure recognized in the world, was completed this year on schedule, covered with tiles over 3,800 square meters,” said Zalmay Safa, director of the preservation of Herat’s historical monuments.

Cultural activists emphasized the need to preserve the Great Mosque of Herat as the historical symbol of Afghanistan and the Islamic world.

“It is a historical symbol of the Islamic world; for this reason, the Jami Mosque is very great and has a long history and national value,” said Naihek Falah, a cultural activist.

The Great Mosque of Herat is often visited by local and foreign tourists.

To draw in international tourists, several people asked the Islamic Emirate to repair all areas of this historical site.

“All the people must protect and take care of this, it is not only the responsibility of the government, but the people must also cooperate in this respect,” said Iqbal Shah, a resident of Herat.

“It has a very high value. Not only me, but many other people from abroad and other countries come just to see this mosque,” said Shah Mohammad, a resident of Nimroz.

According to the Herat Department of Information and Culture, the repair and renovation of the Herat Grand Mosque is proceeding based on a sustainable plan.

“Everything that is necessary for the Jami Mosque, from the bricks of the roofs of the Jami Mosque to everything that is necessary, will be provided,” said Naeemulhaq Haqqani, head of information and culture in Herat.

This mosque is regarded as one of the nation’s most significant ancient monuments and has a history dating more than 800 years.