S Arabia launches Ramadan drive to distribute high quality dates in Pakistan

S Arabia launches Ramadan drive to distribute high quality dates in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), owing to its longstanding brotherly relations with Pakistan has launched a gift programme provisioning distribution high quality dates translating to 30,000 individual gifts to the people during the holy month of Ramadan, The News reported on Sunday.

Titled “Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’ Gift Programme”, the initiative was launched in an event held at the Saudi embassy in Islamabad with Ambassador Nawaf bin Saeed Al-Malkyi, religious attache Yahya Sufiani and other officials.

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Maliki underscored that the programme, which will also see high quality dates being distributed in Pakistan and other countries, has been launched on the directives of King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz.

The programme’s implementation comes following the follow-up of the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dawah and Guidance Sheikh Dr Abdullatif bin Abdulaziz Al Al-Sheikh.

“This programme distributes 10 tonnes of premium dates, amounting to 30,000 individual gifts,” the ambassador said, adding that the gifts reflect the goodwill and brotherly relations between the people and government of the two countries.

The development comes a day after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, popularly referred to as MBS, reaffirmed the kingdom’s support for Pakistan in a congratulatory phone call with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif following his assumption of the premier’s office.

During the telephonic conversation, MBS felicitated the premier on his re-election, responding to which PM Shehbaz thanked him for the phone call and the warm message of greetings sent by him immediately after he had assumed the office.

The prime minister also conveyed his sincerest wishes and prayers for the health and wellbeing of the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, emphasising that the people of Pakistan have great love and respect for the Saudi King and the crown prince.

He also wished a blessed month of Ramadan to the Saudi leadership as well as the Saudi people, and prayed that this holy month brings peace and prosperity to Muslims all over the world.

PM Shehbaz also invited the crown prince to undertake an official visit to Pakistan at the earliest convenience.