SAP S/4HANA Implementation at Tufail Multichem Industries Pvt Ltd.


Islamabad, December 18, 2024: The implementation of SAP S/4HANA positions Tufail Multichem Industries Pvt Ltd. as a technologically advanced and future-ready organization. This move not only ensures current competitiveness but also lays the foundation for scalability and adaptability in the years to come. TMC Pvt. Limited (Formerly Tallymarks Consulting), serving as the Systems Integrator (SI), played a crucial role in the successful execution of the project.

Saquib Ahmad, Managing Director, SAP Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan said, “The implementation of S/4HANA at Tufail Multichem marks the initial phase of an advancing technology roadmap. This implementation will provide an elevated standard of compliance and control for daily operations, offering a more profound, timely, and precise understanding of business operations and its finances.”

Tufail Multichem holds a significant position in the Chemicals industry. Their product portfolio, serving as the raw material for various well-known household items, coupled with a customer base that includes leading multinational brands and a continually expanding export business, renders Tufail Multichem a crucial and highly visible entity in SAP’s portfolio.

Adeel Shahid, Senior Executive Director, Tufail Multichem said, “At Tufail Multichem, the adoption of SAP S/4HANA marks a pivotal step in our commitment towards operations excellence. We believe this implementation will empower us to streamline processes, enhance critical decision-making, and elevate our business to new heights of efficiency and innovation. We are excited about the transformative potential this cutting-edge technology brings to our operations, enabling us to better serve our customers and drive sustainable growth.”

The project’s scope encompasses SAP modules covering Finance and Controlling, Sales and Distribution, Supply Chain, Production Planning, Plant Maintenance, Quality, and Human Capital Management. Additionally, SAP Fiori apps are integrated to enhance the user-friendly execution of daily tasks. Tufail Multichem needed an ERP system that could scale easily, be easily managed, possess robust built-in controls, and be integrated into a solutions ecosystem to meet future requirements. SAP S/4HANA emerged as the optimal choice.

These solutions are anticipated to enhance efficiency and transparency in business operations, leading to cost efficiencies (with an expected 10% – 15% cost reduction directly attributable to SAP controls and visibility), revenue growth, or both. Moreover, it will offer a scalable solution capable of addressing the operational requirements of a growing and diversifying business.

Abdul Haseeb, Managing Director, TMC Pvt. Limited, commented, “We believe in fostering a robust IT ecosystem. By incorporating SAP modules, we’re paving the way for seamless and user-friendly business operations. This strategic partnership with SAP, especially in implementing S/4HANA, not only ensures scalability and robust controls for Tufail Multichem but also envisions a future-ready solution that adds value to the entire industry, driving business productivity and creating boundless opportunities.”

Tufail Multichem will provide its customers with a better, more seamless, and predictable customer experience. An efficient sales and operations planning cycle assures greater predictability in customer order fulfillment. Integrated processes with real-time visibility will ensure customers have up-to-date information related to pricing, payments, lead times, shipments, returns, etc.  The controls embedded in SAP will guarantee the accurate application of customer-specific terms, minimizing transactional errors and the necessity for frequent reconciliations.

Furthermore, the distinctive nature of the project, involving the replication of an existing landscape, restructuring of business entities, and the transition from on-site hosting to the cloud, all within a single project, adds value from both a thought leadership and delivery approach perspective.