Saudi delegation’s applause for cabinet members augurs well for country’s future: PM


ISLAMABAD, May 7 (APP): Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday said that the Saudi business delegation highly praised the preparedness and confidence of the federal ministers and other government team members displayed during their visit, which augured well for the country’s future.

The prime minister, in his opening remarks at the meeting of the federal cabinet here, told the cabinet members that during the interaction with him at a dinner reception he had hosted for them on Monday, the appreciation by the head of Saudi delegation bought him an immense pleasure for it being unprecedented.

He said he would hold a separate meeting with the cabinet members and the government officials who had put in their utmost efforts to ensure the success of the Saudi delegation’s visit.

Prime Minister Shehbaz told the meeting that the head of Saudi delegation, who was very intelligent and highly educated, said that during the meeting with him, the presence of the ministers, their guidance, presentations and follow-ups were a pleasant surprise and very encouraging.

The members of the Saudi delegation said that they were returning with satisfaction and pleasure and would report to the Saudi leadership that they had witnessed a new era in Pakistan.

The prime minister congratulated the cabinet members and federal secretaries for their hard work, adding that the appreciative words by the Saudi delegation made his evening as well as that of the whole of Pakistan.