Saudi relief assistance for flood-affected people



Saudi Arabia, which happens to be the great friend of Pakistan, has proved once again that she was a true friend by extending huge relief support for the flood victims of Pakistan. The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief) has so far distributed 1,605-ton emergency relief goods in the flood-hit areas of Pakistan benefiting 124,000 people facing critical situation due to torrential rains and flash floods.According to the statistics, the KSrelief dispatched the first consignment of 285-ton relief goods to six districts of Balochistan including Lesbela, Khuzdar, Quetta, Pishin, Qilla Saifullah and Qilla Abdullah which helped the 21,000 affected people.

It was comprised of 3,000 food packages and each food package, weighing 95 kilograms was containing all essential food items such as;  80kg flour, 5-litre cooking oil , 5kg sugar and 5kg split chickpeas lentil (daal chana), which was suffice a family for the one whole month.The second consignment of 190-ton relief goods was also dispatched to the same districts of Balochistan in a bid to further support the 14,000 deserving people.It was comprised of 2,000 food packages with same daily use items in the same quantity.

The KSrelief dispatched the third consignment of 950-ton essential food items to 17 districts to benefit 70,000 people living in the difficult circumstances in the flood ravaged areas across the country.

It comprised of 10,000 food packages having the same material in the same quantity.The KSrelief, recently, sent two airlifts of 180-ton food, medical supplies and shelters in Karachi to provide a sigh of relief to 19,000 people under distress in the flood-ravaged areas. KSrelief provides comprehensive and impartial aid to vulnerable communities around the world. To date, it has implemented 2,086 humanitarian projects in 86 countries, saving and improving the living standards of millions of people.

The Pakistan government has thanked the Saudi leadership for extending this generous support and hoped that relations between the two countries will further be strengthened even in the coming days.