SC to hear Musharraf’s plea against registrar office objections on Feb 24


ISLAMABAD, Feb 22 (DNA): The Supreme Court of Pakistan has fixed Monday

(February 24) for hearing former president Pervez Musharraf’s appeal

against objections over his challenge to the death sentence awarded by a

special court.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Gulzar will hear Musharraf’s

appeal in his chamber against  objections of the Registrar Office.

It is to be mentioned here that the apex court’s Registrar Office had

returned the appeal of Pervez Musharraf with objections stating that the

appeal was not maintainable in terms of the Supreme Court Rules 1980 and

the law laid down by the apex court in its various judgments.

Former president Musharraf had challenged the verdict of a special court

against him in the Supreme Court.

Musharraf’s counsel had filed the appeal against the

decision awarding death penalty to the former president, in the apex

court, pleading the verdict to be declared as null and void.

Musharraf, had challenged the Registrar Office order contended that his

current medical situation could be ascertained from the medical and

video evidence, which confirmed his frail condition resulting from

illness and lifesaving treatment.

The appeal said that the appellant is a law abiding citizen and has the

highest respect to the law and courts. DNA