Scouts transform nation by developing civic sense: President Alvi


ISLAMABAD, JAN 28 (DNA) – President Dr Arif Alvi on Tuesday, terming scouts as ‘first physical and knowledgeable tier’ of a society, said the volunteer youth force could significantly transform a nation by developing its civic sense at grassroots level.

In his address after taking oath as Chief Scout of Pakistan at Aiwan-e-Sadr, President Alvi said scouts had the potential to play constructive role in areas including sensitizing people on literacy, hygiene, fighting corruption and controlling fake news with an objective of betterment of community.

President Dr Alvi was administered oath and awarded a distinctive scout scarf by Chief Commissioner Pakistan Boy Scouts Association Sarfaraz Qamar Daha at a ceremony, attended by young and senior scouts, representing two million of their fellow members from across the country.

He quoted excerpt from the Quaid’s investiture speech in 1947 as saying that scouting developed youth’s character by helping them learn to subordinate personal interests for other’s welfare and eschew violence of word and action while attaining their goal of universal brotherhood.

President Alvi said nations are built, not on the basis of massive resources, but with collective will and determination of its people.

“Develop yourself on the basis of knowledge and wisdom to become a powerful nation,” he said, advising the scouts to focus their energies on building a better world for the people.

He said the Quaid’s address to youth in Lahore after establishment of Pakistan had a message for the nascent nation, not to lose hope and instead, tread a path of steadfastness and strong character.

“It is still relevant for our nation today to not get deterred by current challenges, rather face these with unity,” he said.

He mentioned that Japan resumed its strength even after massive setbacks of Hiroshema and Nagasaki’s nuclear attacks, just because of its nation’s collective will.

President Alvi said Pakistan was facing challenge of conflict at its eastern border, adding that “troubles were being imposed, in response to Pakistan’s peaceful efforts”.

He recalled that Prime Minister Imran Khan, in his first address after assuming office, had conveyed a message of peace to all neighbouring countries, which he said, unfortunately did not meet a positive response.

The President said peace was important to address the common issues of poverty, literacy and health.=DNA