Security guard kills boy in North Karachi

Security guard kills boy in North Karachi

KARACHI, JUN 7: In a tragic incident in Karachi, a security guard shot and killed a 16-year-old boy who was picking up garbage in North Karachi Sector 11A.

The victim, identified as Samad, was shot in the stomach and later succumbed to his injuries during treatment at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

According to the police, the shooting occurred following an argument between the security guard of a private company and Samad regarding garbage collection. The guard, identified as Ramzan, allegedly opened fire during the altercation, resulting in Samad’s death.

After the incident, the security guard fled the scene. Police have launched a search operation to apprehend the culprit. Additionally, authorities raided the office of Kanji Security Company, from where two guards, including company managers Asim and Arshad, were taken into custody for further investigation.

The tragic incident has once again raised concerns about the reckless use of firearms and the need for stricter security protocols in the city. Authorities are investigating the matter further to bring the perpetrator to justice.