Security issues: Imran Khan moves his office to PM House


By Naveed Miraj

ISLAMABAD:  Prime Minister Imran Khan has shifted his office to the Prime Minister house from the Prime minister secretariat as advised by the security agencies to do so.

Sources in the security detail of the Prime Minister said that managing Prime Minister’s security on regular basis in the Prime Minister Secretariat was quite a draining task on the resources of the security agencies responsible for the PM’s security.

Prime Minister House in the while was mostly in the use of Advisor on Finance Hafeez Sheikh, Governor State Pakistan Baqi Raza and Chairman FBR Syed Shabbar Raza. They have been asked to move and will be provided alterative places in the minister’s enclave.

Prime Minster Khan since last couple of weeks is holding most of his engagements at the Prime Minister house while he continues to stay at his private residence at Banigala.