Sehbaz Khan promoted as CF, performance of Muzaffarabad Reforestation Circle will be much better now


Mumtaz Ahmed Bhatti

ISLAMABAD, MAR 5: Muhammad Shahbaz Khan has been promoted as Conservator Reforestation Muzaffarabad Circle performance of Muzaffarabad Reforestation Circle will be much better now.. Muhammad Shahbaz Khan has started work after taking charge.
Officers of AJK Forest Department expressed their happiness on his promotion and expressed the hope that Shahbaz Khan will now do better with hard work. Shahbaz Khan is one of the few officers in AJK’s Forest Department who has always increased the positive reputation of the department.
Conservator Muhammad Shahbaz Khan has played an important role from design & documentation of TBTTP to successful plantation. Shahbaz Khan, without taking any kind of pressure, has boldly released the encroached land of the Forest Department from powerful encroachments.
Shehbaz Khan is known not only in AJK but in entire of Pakistan as a competent, hardworking, expert in documentation, respected by senior officers and kind by junior officers. Shahbaz Khan is always ready for the technical assistance of the forest officers not only in AJK but also all over Pakistan for the improvement of forests.
The promotion of Shahbaz Khan will definitely prove better for the Forest Department.Shahbaz Khan’s performance as Divisional Forest Officer was exemplary and he was appreciated at all levels.