Senate of Pakistan unveils annual parliamentary year report 2023-24

Senate of Pakistan unveils annual parliamentary year report 2023-24

Islamabad, MAR 11 /DNA/ – The Senate of Pakistan is delighted to present the Comprehensive Annual Report on the completion of Parliamentary Year 2023-24, underscoring a year of remarkable accomplishments and unwavering dedication to the nation.

In this comprehensive report, the Senate Highlighted the relentless efforts and exemplary work of the House, emphasizing the outstanding performance of Standing Committees. The commitment of committee members has been instrumental in advancing the legislative agenda and addressing critical national issues.

Key highlights from the Annual Parliamentary Year Report 2023-2024 include:

  • Business Transacted: A thorough overview of the business conducted during the Parliamentary Year, showcasing the diligence and commitment of the Senate in fulfilling its legislative responsibilities.
  • Performance of Standing Committees: Recognition of the outstanding contributions made by Standing Committees in scrutinizing bills, reviewing policies, and ensuring the robust functioning of parliamentary processes.
  • Legislative Achievements:
  • Total Senate Sessions: 10
  • Joint Sittings: 1
  • Total Hours of Sitting: 152 hours 58 minutes, with an average of 02 Hrs 35 Mins
  • Percentage of Members Attendance: 55%
  • 1 Ordinance laid before the Senate during the parliamentary year
  • 14 Government Bills presented in the Senate and Passed by the Senate
  • 3 Government Bills Pending in Standing Committees
  • 99 private members bills presented, and 29 bills passed by the Senate
  • 53 Bills pending with Committees due to technical reasons.
  • Top ten members’ attendance with Senator Shahadat Awan at the top with 63 total attendance, followed by Senator Tahir Bizinjo, and Kamran Murtaza with 61 and 59 attendance respectively.
  • 31 Private members’ bills received from the National Assembly, which were lapsed and returned to the National Assembly on its dissolution.
  • Total Starred Questions: 2015, Admitted Questions: 1454, Disallowed Questions: 271, Lapsed Questions (due to repetition/irrelevancy: 290, Replied Questions: 525, Referred to the Standing Committee: 26, Deferred Questions: 19, Admitted but lapsed questions: 1084, Total Unstarred Questions: 118
  • A total of 65 points of public importance were addressed, showcasing the Senate’s responsiveness to the concerns and needs of the public.

Senate Standing Committee meetings: Total meetings of thStanding Committeeee 290, reports on matters referred by the chairman senate in Public Petitions 37, Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Revenue Held most meetings in the parliamentary year, which was 30.

  • Public Petitions: The Senate successfully resolved 45 public petitions and matters referred Chairman Senate, reflecting its commitment to providing a platform for citizens to voice their grievances and seek redressal.

Furthermore, the report delves into the performance reports of various departments within the Senate Secretariat, highlighting areas of improvement and ongoing initiatives aimed at enhancing efficiency.

Apart from that, during the Parliamentary year 2023-24, a total of 710 public petitions were received in the PPT. After approval by the Chairman Senate on admissibility, 145 petitions were referred to Senate Committees. Out of these 60 petitions were disposed of by the committees and 85 are still with committees to be finalized. 565 petitions were found inadmissible after scrutiny. 77 PP were referred to SSC on Interior, 19 PP were referred to Education and Professional Training and 15 PP were referred to the Power Committee.

Virtual Meetings

Boosting Efficiency and Transparency: Senate of Pakistan Embraces Virtual Meetings and Enhanced Website

  • First-time Live ticker during the Senate session
  • Upgradation of Broadcasting & Post Production
  • 4k Webcasting of Senate YouTube Channel

The Senate of Pakistan takes pride in its active engagement with international delegations and the initiation of Parliamentary Diplomacy initiatives. These endeavors contribute to fostering diplomatic relations and promoting collaboration on global issues.

As the Senate of Pakistan continues its commitment to transparency, accountability, and service to the nation, the Annual Parliamentary Year Report 2023-24 stands as a testament to the tireless efforts of its members and the institution as a whole.