Serena Hotels signs a MoU with ConnectHear for inclusion of the hearing-impaired



ISLAMABAD, AUG 21: Serena Hotels joined hands with ConnectHearto enable an environment of access and inclusion for people with disabilities.ConnectHear is a one-of-a-kind mobile application with real time sign language interface facility to facilitate persons with hearing impairment.The unique product is the brainchild of Azima Dhanjee and Arhum Ishtiaq. Miss Dhanjee grew up as a child of hearing-impaired parents, making sign language her mother tongue and turning her into an interpreter for her parents. Making it a pivotal reason for her to develop this application for ease of accessibility and inclusion for all who suffered from this condition.

Mr. Aziz Boolani, CEO of Serena Hotels mentioned that Serena Hotels is an equal opportunity employer, and many people with disabilities work for the team. Heexpressed his desire to see this application succeed. Currently, this application’s utilisation will be in Islamabad Serena Hotelfor the Food & Beverage outlets and the reception. The plan is to implement it in other areas of the hotel after the trial run, and subsequently in the rest of Serena Hotel properties across the globe. He emphasised the need for the service industry to be more cognizant in offering inclusive services.

This Memorandum of Understanding between Serena Hotels and ConnectHear highlights a new era for the facilitation of people with disabilites, this partnership providesthe application with a visible platform for others to follow suit.Serena Hotels is one of those unique brands which has always tried to empower the communities through its different Initiatives; Sports, Public, Adventure, and Culture, and create change by empowering all through it to foster bonds and bolster economic growth in our areas of operation location, and we look forward to a positive outcome of this application, helping us provide more opportunities for all.