Shahid Afridi believes PSL has become country’s brand


ISLAMABAD, FEB 11 (DNA) :  Former Pakistan skipper, Shahid Afridi has said that I am still passionate about cricket and fit to play in the Pakistan Super League, which I consider my own and has become our country’s brand.

Afridi said, “Let’s see, how well my performance goes and there are lots of other factors. I don’t like thinking or looking too much into the future, every day is new and beautiful one for me,” he added.

Also, unless you are passionate about something then that thing quickly becomes very boring. I am still passionate to play cricket, he said in an interview.

When I am doing well in batting, I consider myself a batsman and when I am doing well as a bowler, I consider myself a bowler, he added.

Afridi said, “I wasn’t as consistent as I should have been as a batsman, but as a bowler, I was consistently good. At one point, I had taken most of the wickets for two to three years consecutively for Pakistan.

“So, in my opinion, more than my batting, it’s my bowling that has gotten the team to win most of the matches – where I took wickets at crucial moments. However, people used to look forward to my batting, he said.

When it comes to the current era of cricket stars, Afridi has many favourites including Pakistan’s very own batting prodigy Babar Azam.

“Even today, we have loads of great players and it’s always fun watching them play such as Steve Smith, Williamson or Babar Azam,” he said.

“We have high expectations of Babar. So, after all these big players, we have others who are in the process of making a name for themselves. And Babar Azam is very much capable of making a name for himself in the world.”