Sindh government withdraws permission for Karachi’s Maweshi Mandi


KARACHI, JUNE 14 (DNA) – The government of Sindh has withdrawn its permission to set up Maweshi Mandi on the Super Highway in Karachi due to spike in number of coronavirus infections in the country.

In a letter, the local government department told the home department to that it is withdrawing and cancelling the permission to set up cattle market on the Super Highway this year.

On June 2, the government had granted permission to set up the market in Karachi and asked the people to follow the SOPs and take precautionary measures while visiting the market.

According to the local government department, the permission was being withdrawn due to “worsening COVID-19 situation on ground”.

The virus has so far claimed 2,647 lives in Pakistan, according to the provincial health departments.

Federal minister for planning and development, said Sunday that if the current situation goes on, the total number of coronavirus cases can jump to 300,000 by the end of June.DNA