Sino-Pak charity group brings vision to cataract sufferers in Pakistan

Sino-Pak charity group brings vision to cataract sufferers in Pakistan

RAWALPINDI, JAN 26 (DNA) — In a heartwarming Sino-Pak cooperation, the China-Pakistan Youth Exchange Community joined forces with the Beijing One Heart Sphere Charity Foundation in a campaign that provided life-changing cataract surgeries to 3,000 impoverished patients in Pakistan. 

Launched in collaboration with local hospitals and eye care centres in Rawalpindi, the initiative, reaching as far as Balochistan, aims to restore vision and improve the quality of life for those who have been living in darkness due to this debilitating condition. 

A total of 1,200 patients with eye conditions have been examined professionally since January 15, Gwadar Pro reported on Friday. Based on this, the medical team successfully completed the operation on the first 100 cataract patients by January 21. In the coming days, the team will provide surgery to 100 cataract patients in Kashmir.

“We want to give these patients their sight back so they can lead independent and productive lives,” said Ma Bin, chairperson of China-Pakistan Youth Exchange Community.  “The operation is a microcosm of the friendly relations between China and Pakistan and a testament to the power of humanitarianism and unity.”

Doctors and volunteers from both countries worked side-by-side to perform the surgery. Many patients who have undergone the procedure have described it as a “second chance” in life, saying they are now able to see their families, go to work, and engage in activities they were not capable of for years.

As the organization continues its efforts, it hopes to further expand its reach and impact, ultimately making a significant difference in the lives of thousands of cataract patients across Pakistan.