Smartphone explosion kills eight-year-old girl


An eight-year-old girl died after a smartphone exploded in her hand in Kerala state of India. Indian news agency Economic Times reported that the victim was identified as Adithyasree. She was a third-grade student.

The blast took place when she was watching a video on her smartphone. According to another news outlet, the explosion happened when she played a game on it.

Police launched an investigation following the incident.

Deaths by mobile phone explosions is not new. In 2019, schoolgirl Asetkyzy Abzalbek lost her life as her mobile phone exploded close to head when she slept while listening to music after putting it on charging.

She received severe head injuries and died immediately.

Forensic experts later confirmed that the mobile exploded in the early morning after overheating as it charged.

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Moreover, a 22-year-old young man lost his life in a mobile phone explosion while it was on charging in the Indian state of Odisha.

According to reports, the deceased in his 20’s was identified as Kuna Pradhan and died after the mobile phone went off. He was a native of Ranpur village of Nayagarh district in the state and was engaged as a labourer in the construction of a temple.

Police claimed that the deceased was asleep as the work on the site was disrupted due to ongoing smog issue. “The mobile went off at some time which could not be ascertained claiming his life,” said the law enforcing authority.