Spokesperson PTI: Court verdict mocks Shariah, attacks marriage laws

Court verdict mocks Shariah

PTI Slams “Kangaroo Court” Verdict on Imran Khan as “Shameful, Baseless”

ISLAMABAD, FEB 3 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Spokesperson termed the kangaroo court’s decision against PTI Chairman-for-life Imran Khan in an absurd, concocted and baseless Iddat case as shameful, contrary to Shariah and a serious and reprehensible attack on the holy book, law and marriage and family laws.

In a strongly-worded reaction over the shameful verdict by Judge Qudratullah, PTI Spokesperson said that the rogue state planners have openly mocked the limits of Allah and trampled civilization and Shariah under their feet with hatred and contempt aimed at persuading PTI Founding Chairman to accept slavery and to turn him away from the service of God.

However, he made it clear that these rogue state elements would neither succeed in bowing down the captain even in the face of severe degradation, blatant injustice and bare lawlessness, nor his nation would accept Pharaonism come what may.

PTI Spokesperson said that disgraceful Judge Qudratullah removed the mask of honor, modesty, shame and civilization from the face of the state and exposed its filthy and dirtiest face before the world.

He stated that Judge Qudratullah further disgraced and humiliated the justice system by writing such a shameful judgment in the concocted and frivolous marriage case after absurd, nonsensical, non-transparent and hasty trial.

PTI Spokesperson lamented that today, the state, being completely ignorant and devoid of the sanctity of the four walls, proved its vagrancy by illegally, un-lawfully, un-Islamically and unethically interfering in the matters such as marriage and divorce.

He went on to say that after the absurd and concocted cases like Cypher and Toshakhana, the rogue statement elements tried to push forward the nefarious agenda of hateful political revenge by convicting Imran Khan in Iddat case through premeditated and shameful verdict.

PTI Spokesperson made it clear that while facing all state oppression, coercions and injustices courageously and bravery, the people would take revenge for every injustice being meted out with their beloved and brave leader on February 8 through their power of vote to inflict crushing defeat on crooked and corrupt political leaders in the forthcoming general elections.