Submission of Hajj applications under govt scheme to start in mid-Nov

Submission of Hajj applications under govt scheme to start in mid-Nov

ISLAMABAD, Oct 28 (DNA): Good news for those aspiring to perform Hajj
this year as the time for submitting applications is now near.

Quoting its sources, the channel reported that the submission of
applications for performing pilgrimage under the government scheme would
start by mid-November.

They further said that the federal cabinet was likely to approve the
Hajj Policy for the year, 2024 in the beginning of November.

On people’s recommendations, several changes have been made to the
policy this year.

For the first time in history, a Hajj package for a short period of time
(20-25 days) has been introduced.

Sources added that the sponsorship Hajj scheme for overseas Pakistanis
would continue this year as well.

Furthermore, they disclosed, since payment for Hajj expenses would be
made in dollars; therefore, this time there would be no balloting.

Moreover, pilgrims would be given the choice to select any number of
days, between 4 and 8, for stay in Medina.

The bags, which would be given to pilgrims this time, would bear image
of Pakistan’s flag, QR code and other particulars.

Similarly, a mobile app would be introduced for filing applications

Sources revealed that as was the case in the past, this year too, the
Economy Package would be for a period of 40 days.

Around 90,000 Pakistanis would be able to perform Hajj this year under
the government scheme, they concluded. DNA