Successful surgery for Afghan infant’s eye cancer at Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital

Successful surgery for Afghan infant's eye cancer at Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital

ISLAMABAD, JUN 18: Doctors at Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital have achieved a significant medical success by performing a successful operation on the cancerous eye of a 7-month-old girl from Afghanistan. The operation, supervised by Major General (R) Rehmat Khan, President of Al-Shifa Eye Trust, was described as highly complex by hospital staff.

Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital, known for its specialized care in eye treatments, announced its commitment to provide free treatment to children suffering from eye problems. The hospital has treated over 7,000 children for eye cancer to date, with approximately 1,500 tumor surgeries performed annually.

Emphasizing the importance of timely diagnosis, doctors highlighted that early detection of eye diseases can be crucial in saving children’s lives. As part of their efforts, Al-Shifa Eye Trust has established a dedicated center for comprehensive eye treatments, reinforcing their commitment to pediatric eye care.

The successful surgery underscores Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital’s expertise and ongoing dedication to combating childhood eye diseases, particularly in challenging cases such as that of the Afghan infant.