Sugar prices remain unchecked across country


LAHORE, FEB 04 (DNA) :   Another crisis has erupted in Pakistan after flour as sugar prices remain unchecked across the country.

Retail price of sugar in Lahore has surged to Rs 85 per kilogram and 50-kg sack is being sold at wholesale price of Rs 4,000. Sugar is nowhere available at Rs 70 per kilogram as official rates are not being followed.

Sugar prices have also increased in Karachi, Faisalabad and other cities. People are protesting against the hike and have demanded the incumbent government to control the rates.

It has been carefully estimated that 1.5 crore kilograms sugar is consumed by Pakistan daily and the profiteers are earning additional 150 million rupees per day by surging the rates.

On the other hand, the government is not taking any measures against the profiteers to provide relief to the commoners.