Sugar, wheat price hike due to govt’s negligence, admits PM Imran


LAHORE, FEB 15 (DNA) :  Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday admitted that wheat and flour crises happened due to government’s negligence.

Prime Minister was addressing distribution ceremony of Sehat Insaf Card in Governor House. He admitted that wheat price hike had been caused due to government’s negligence and said that he who knows who benefited from recent wave of inflation.

Imran Khan said, “I never said that we will make Pakistan an Asian tiger. I said that we will make Pakistan a great nation by following the footsteps of state of Madina.”

He further added that the reason behind building Shaukat Khanum Hospital was because he can never forget the face of a cancer patient at Mayo Hospital.

He claimed that one of the biggest reasons behind PTI‘s two-third majority in KPK is the health cards system. For the first three to four years, the state of Madina was in great turmoil and the distribution of these health cards is just another step towards state of Madina, he added.

PM informed the participants of the ceremony that 7.2 million people will get treatment through Sehat Card.