Supreme Court orders removal of encroachments across country in 3 days

Supreme Court orders removal of encroachments across country in 3 days

KARACHI, APR 27: The Supreme Court on Saturday directed the authorities concerned to remove all encroachments across the country from public roads and pavements within three days.

The written order was issued two days after the top court had directed the Sindh government to remove barricades placed outside various buildings including Sindh Rangers headquarters, Chief Minister House and Governor House.

The hearing was held by a three-member bench, led by Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faez Isa and comprising Justice Naeem Akhtar Afghan and Justice Jamal Khan Mandokhail, on Thursday while the written order was issued today.

Following the directives, the Sindh government removed the barricades placed outside the CM House.

Barricades removed outside Sindh CM House

In its order today, the apex court said that the encroachments on public roads and pavements are made by those paid out of the public exchequer.

“Occupants of properties also assume that the pavement running in front of their property is theirs, to do with it as they please. Generators are also installed thereon. Pavements are for the use of the public; access thereto and use thereof cannot be prevented or restricted,” said the order.

It added that everyone, including the provincial and federal governments, and all those under them must abide by the law and cannot encroach upon public roads and pavements nor can block them which may stop or restrict public use thereof.

Speaking about barriers that are placed to protect the buildings from terrorist attacks, the court stated that security can be ensured by placing the barriers within the premises.

“Therefore, all are directed […] to clear public roads and pavements of all encroachments within three days, failing which the same should be demolished/removed by the relevant authority and the cost incurred thereon shall be recovered from those who encroached thereon,” the order added.

The SC also said that this order to remove encroachments is applicable across Pakistan.