The next step?


Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

The recent turn of events in the political spectrum of Pakistan compels us to question our future. It seems we are living in the pre-PTI era once again – the time when Imran Khan was leading rallies across Pakistan against the Sharif Family. For decades we have been witnessing a cycle of events that look too familiar. One enters as the leader while the other conspires against them through internal or external forces. The US has a two-party system – which is easier than managing the plethora of parties we have in our country. A two-party system works best – although corruption and dirty politics are a part of every system. We cannot implement a two-party system that will be seen as a glass ceiling by those at the helms of affairs or perhaps an order passed by those in Washington. We have to adhere to our system. But a system must lead to progress and development. There is no shortcut. A leader – in the government or the opposition – must create avenues for the growth of his party, leading to the growth of his constituencies that eventually help the country move towards progress. The recent tragic fire in Dadu that took the lives of women and children and destroyed more than fifty homes is just one example of the bleak system of governance we have in the interior, remote parts of Sindh. This is just one city or district. One cannot even imagine the life these people are living in the far-flung areas that are not connected with cities or with modern life. The next step for Pakistan is not for the leaders to earn votes but to develop the areas they got the votes in the first place. This will require systematic planning, vision, honesty, dedication, and accountability. One wonders if these attributes are still present among those who have vowed to lead this country!