“There are some factors, differentiating 2020 parliamentary elections from previous ones”: Mushfig Alaskerli:


BAKU, JAN 29 – Independent Media Center presents an interview with Head of the Journalists Trade Union Mushfig Alaskerli about the February 9 parliamentary elections, the electoral environment in our country, the course of the election campaign.

– Mr.Alaskerli, the country is preparing for the next parliamentary elections. There is quite high interest in the parliamentary elections in our society. We would like to know your views about this.

-Although the history of our independent state is short and the tradition of public administration mechanisms’ construction is new, the democratic election process is already institutionalized. Citizens of the country have expressed their will by participating in numerous presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections since 1993. In this regard, it is possible to say that the next parliamentary elections would be held in a stable, democratic environment and will express the will of the people. However, there are some factors, which differentiate these parliamentary elections from previous ones. Talented, skillful, well-educated young people are assigned to senior positions as a result of the reforms conducted by President Ilham Aliyev. Of course, the renewal process is also reflected in the elections. This tendency is observed in the very first stage of the election process – the registration of candidates. There are clear messages about the expectations of the people and the state from the new parliament. It is expressed confidence that our parliament would function actively and properly in compliance with the reforms and changes. This also encourages the people, favoring the reform process, especially young people to be more actively represented in the election process.

– We are at the stage of campaigning. Taking into account that like at every stage of the electoral process, media plays a major role at this stage as well. Do you think that equal conditions are created for all candidates to campaign?

-Registered candidates have been provided with all conditions to campaign. They use both traditional media and alternative information sources. Social networks have almost become a campaign platform. In other words, candidates can lay open their official platforms via traditional media, as well as express their personal views on the election on social media. My conversations with numerous candidates and my observations give me ground to say that there is no one among the candidates who can say anything negative about the created conditions, because it is crystal clear. Everyone would confirm that all candidates have been given equal opportunities and chances for free competition. This is also one of the most essential points in the electoral process.