Three-salary bonuses announced for govt employees

Three-salary bonuses announced for govt employees

ISLAMABAD, MAY 25 /DNA/ – The government has announced a generous bonus for employees of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Each eligible staff member will receive a bonus equivalent to three basic salaries, as per letters sent to provincial election commissioners.

The ECP’s decision comes as a reward for the dedication and hard work exhibited by its employees and officers in conducting the elections smoothly and efficiently.

However, the ECP’s letter specified that employees currently undergoing departmental inquiries or those involved with services tribunals or the judiciary will not qualify for this bonus. This measure ensures that only those with a clean service record benefit from the reward.

This latest development follows a previous bonus of two basic salaries awarded to ECP employees who carried out their duties during the general elections in February this year.

According to the finance ministry’s regulations, no institution is permitted to distribute more than five bonuses to its staff within a single fiscal year.

Earlier, Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja expressed his gratitude to the ECP staff, agency personnel, and local administration for their efforts in ensuring a peaceful and orderly election process. He highlighted their role in facilitating a smooth transition of power from the caretakers to the newly elected government, underscoring the significance of their work in upholding democracy.=DNA