Traffic police counsel keeping extra fuel as tourist influx chokes Kaghan


MANSEHRA, July 25 (DNA): As tourism season peaks in Pakistan with the summer season pushing people off to Northern areas, the Kaghan valley traffic police have advised that people carry extra fuel as the advent of record cars has choked roads all across it.

The authorities have said large numbers of tourists have been turning up since the second day of Eid al-Adha and the roads are now choked.

With over a million vehicles entering the region for tourism, the roads and valleys are congested with tailbacks everywhere.

The traffic in charge of the area has advised people to keep additional gallons of fuel to avoid getting stranded after having consumed all of the available gas stuck on roads.

On the other hand, in a bid to promote tourism in the country, the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) operated on Saturday about six flights for Skardu, in one of the biggest operations for northern areas.

According to details, the PIA operated one of its biggest northern areas operation today when it operated six flights for Skardu.

Separately from the Northern region of Pakistan, it is learned that the Karakoram Highway has been opened for all types of traffic after Frontier Works Organization (FWO) cleared blockages on the route, which previously led to tourists being trapped in the Gilgit Baltistan owing to heavy rain spell.

According to the ISPR, the Karakoram highway is open for all types of traffic after relentless and sustained efforts by FWO.

“Recent spell of heavy rains in Gilgit Baltistan since 20 July caused blockage of the highway with heavy mudflows at more than 20 locations between Tatta Pani and Raikot,” the army’s media wing said.