Translating Threat into Opportunity


Faiza Hussaini

Due to the limitations and sanctions inflicted on the Iranian nation at the different intervals and in the various areas by the imperialists, the nation has learnt how to make its way through the crisis by experience and endeavor. The role of the concepts has here been of significant benefit, one of them being the epic of translating the threats into opportunity. This mindset has contributed to amazing achievements and progresses during the past decades in Iran. The necessity to develop and stick to such mindset emerged initially when during theIran-Iraq war, most of the countries of the world decided to boycottIran and to avoid providing any help and assistance to the newly independent nation of Iran raided by Iraq, while at the same time supporting and financing the imposingregime of the dictator Sadam Hossain. This epic, along with the concept of self-sufficiency, self-esteem and the economy of resilience, has contributed to lots ofscientific, industrial and sport achievements in Iran.

During the Iran-Iraq war, the defense industries initiated in Iran, engaged to manufacture whatever needed at the front and in the back, varying from logistics to weaponry and maintenance. The threat of the imposed war and the concern of being left unsupported, ended up in a pioneer and progressive scientific and industrial dynamism.

The same is true about the inalienable right of Iran to cherish the peaceful atomic energy science and industry. While sanctions were meant not only to halt the scientific progress engine of the country in the nuclear energy, but also to hold back the whole train of the prosperity of the nation. However, the more sanctions were imposed, the more progress was made and the less dependent the country was becoming.  

Moreover, Just about two years agowhen the world was struggling with COVID-19,tens of thousands of valuable lives were dolorously claimed in Iran, just because of the inaccessibility and unavailability of the medical facilities and the lack of aids such as vaccine. The main reason was due to the inhumane sanctions.On that time, Iran was even deprived of receiving the simplest medical aids from all over the world under the pretext of the sanctions and pressures imposed by the USA. However, enjoying remarkable determination in the youth, owning to adequate scientific efficacy and having faith in the mercy of the God Almighty, the Iranian scientists and industrialists managed to produce whatever needed as a medical facility for the country. Iran managed not only to produce, but also to export and donate the equipments to the other countries.

Meanwhile, the indigenous Iranian vaccine called CovIran Barekat, was invented by the Iranian scientists and researchers in order to reverse the effects of the sanctions and to translate the policy of self-sufficiency and the epic of benefiting from the threats into practice. This makes it the first locally and regionally developed COVID-19 vaccine to be approved in the Middle East and being the single first one Islamic vaccine in the world.

The examples of the epic of “Translating the Threats into Opportunity”are galore in the last four decades of the history of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Now, Iran regards any restriction and sanction as a way out from the dependency.

Resilience Costs, But It Pays Joyously One Day.