Turkey, Qatar coordinate on Afghanistan: Turkish envoy


DOHA: Turkey and Qatar are coordinating together on the Afghan issue, the Turkish ambassador in Doha said on Tuesday.

Ankara and Doha “consistently discuss the humanitarian conditions and the security and political developments in Afghanistan given its significance to the Afghan people and international peace and security,” Mustafa Göksu told the Qatari daily Al Raya.

“There is a fruitful cooperation between Turkey and Qatar on the operation of Kabul airport as it is considered a lifeline for those who are stranded in Afghanistan,” Göksu said, noting that cooperation has been ongoing between the two countries on providing technical support for operating the airport.

There is “consensus between Ankara and Doha on the ways to establish security and stability in Afghanistan,” Göksu said.

The envoy also underlined the importance of the international community to keep engagement with the Taliban movement in order to bring humanitarian aid to the Afghan people.

The Turkish ambassador hailed Qatari efforts to host Afghans and provide needed humanitarian assistance to them and Qatar’s diplomatic and humanitarian efforts to ease the suffering of the Afghan people.

In 10 days in August, the Taliban announced its control of most Afghanistan in parallel with the US withdrawal from the country after 20 years of military presence.