Turkish embassy remembers martyrs of democracy on anniversary of failed coup

FETO and 15 July coup attempt (15 July 2023)
ISLAMABAD, JUL 14: Ambassador of Turkiye, Mehmet Pacaci in a meeting with Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf on the margin of event organized in connection with 7th anniversary of National Unity and Democracy Day.-DNA PHOTO

FETO and 15 July coup attempt (15 July 2023)


ISLAMABAD, JUL 14: Today we commemorate the seventh anniversary of the thwarted coup attempt carried out by the FETO terrorist organization in Türkiye on July 15, 2016.

After 2016, every year the day is now for us “15 July Democracy and National Unity and Martyrs’ Day” in order to remember our martyrs and pray for them and also to celebrate the victory that our courageous people won for the sake of our country, democracy and identity.

ISLAMABAD, JUL 14: Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf witnessing Turkiye Art Exhibition displayed on the occaion of Turkish Democracy and National Unity Day.=DNA PHOTO

The evening and night of the 15th of July was a night of unprecedented betrayal in Türkiye, as well as a night of unprecedented heroism, until dawn.

The night of July 15 was a long night, and it was the night when Turkish democracy was protected by the firm will of the people of Türkiye. And that night was the one when Türkiye’s territorial integrity, demographic integrity and cultural integrity, in every sense, were protected by its own citizens under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Thousands of civilians took to the streets to stop this treacherous coup attempt. Not only did the Turkish people take to the streets, they also resisted with their bare hands against terrorists who dared to attack their own innocent citizens with heavy weapons.

ISLAMABAD, JUL 14: Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf addressing the participants of Commemoration ceremony and Turkish Democracy and National Unity Day.=DNA PHOTO

That night, FETO members, who had infiltrated the military for decades, left the barracks and occupied key points in the cities. With the tanks they captured they blocked the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, with warplanes and combat helicopters, they bombarded strategic points such as the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye, the Presidential Complex, the military and the police headquarters.

They attempted to kill the President by sending an assassination team against the Him, and attacked the Prime Minister’s car.

That night, the perpetrators cold bloodedly killed 251 innocent civilians from among hundreds of thousands of people having resisted them in Ankara, Istanbul and other cities, and injured thousands.

15 July night, the Turkish people defended democracy simply at the cost of their lives. This brave response, however, was never awaited by the conspirators.

FETO was founded as a so-called “religious movement”. Especially under

the guise of promoting education and inter-religious dialogue. Having done so they managed to cover up their bad intentions. For decades, this organization had stolen the children of the country. They took away bright minds from their families, brainwashed them and made them their adherents having turned them against first their families, their own society and finally their own country.

A full-scale plot, the final phase of which was revealed on July 15, 2016, had been conducted in secret since the 1960s.

For decades, FETO members had well-planned and widely infiltrated political parties, the military, law enforcement, intelligence, judiciary, numerous other ministries and government agencies, universities, press, social media, business and even sports clubs.

In addition to controlling a significant part of educational institutions, FETO also became the owner of many financial institutions. Bank accounts were fed by prominent members of FETÖ’s industrial and commercial network and people who were blindly attached to them. Many innocent civilians were also tricked into contributing to the financing of FETO by manipulating their piety.

Enormous revenue from its schools around the world was diverted to these accounts, which secretly awaited their final move. The organization has also set up media houses to shape public opinion for and against any individual, group or idea.

Many people in Türkiye who opposed the organization were lynched by its media, its secret affiliates in judiciary and its men in the law enforcement agencies.

The FETO apparatus used its power to liquidate the opponents of the organization with illegal wiretapping, fabricated evidence and unlawful arrests, intimidating and blackmailing a wide segment of society from politicians to businessmen, journalists to sports people.

The organization stole the entrance exam questions for universities and government institutions. In this way, it has ensured that its supporters had in filtrated the institutions over the years and been unfairly placed in high positions in the institutions.