Two-State Solution is the Only Way Forward, Ambassador (r) Tariq Fatemi  

Tariq Fatemi


ISLAMABAD, OCT 11: Ambassador (r) Tariq Fatemi called on the Europeans and the Americans to exhibit the moral courage and convince the Israelis to agree to a two-state solution as agreed upon by both the parties as the only way forward. He was speaking at an event titled ‘The Recent Events in Palestine and its Consequences’ organized by the Institute of Regional Studies (IRS) Islamabad here on Wednesday.  

Ambassador Fatemi said that the recent events were unfolding in a manner that was worrying and of grave concern. He said that the Palestinians notwithstanding the destruction of their infrastructure, were not ready to yield but had become bolder in their resolve. He further added that the Palestinians of Gaza had demonstrated unprecedented endurance, perseverance, and ability to stand for what they believed in, which was their right to statehood.  

He further added that the flames of freedom could not be subdued by any power. The fact that this recent action had only strengthened the Palestinians’ resolve was a clear testament to their commitment toward their struggle for freedom.